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'a colourful and energetic work... it has verve, ambition and humour that put most similar British efforts to shame'
Jason Solomon, Observer Review, October 14th 2001

'..lively, gritty, beautiful and deeply surreal...should prove a buzz on release.'
Arwa Haider, Time Out

'hugely entertaining... defines the temper of our age as vividly as Derek Jarman's Jubilee did all of 23 years ago... It hurtles along the rails. It careers in and out of time and place, on and off its narrative track... a landmark film about the dangerous diversities alive and kicking in contemporary Britain.'
Alexander Walker, Evening Standard

'..Visually stunning ...craftily blending in documentary footage. Parry creates a genuine sense of a melting pot culture in his funny, funky contemporary urban tale.'
Quentin Falk, Sunday Mirror Reviews

King is a slippery subject – part self-absorbed fratboy, part tortured artist – but Parry's unerring focus and documentary discipline make him as fascinating as he is infuriating
Tom Huddleston, Time Out London

'Events zoom along with colour and verve... Parry has a good eye for social types...Visually, this film celebrates the energetic anarchy of the drugs culture... The performances are vivid, and some sets are inspired... it all seems rather pitiful. Parry's feature film debut, however, is anything but.'
Jenny McCartney, The Sunday Telegraph Review

'..SW9 is the coolest and most colourful British film for a few months, capturing the distinctive flavour of Brixton.'
What's On In London

'This film is the first since Trainspotting to capture exactly what makes our shabby city so conducive to both hatred and hedonism... An impressive rounded debut... Nearly as scary and sexy as Brixton itself.'
Simon Lewis, Uncut

'SW9 is one of the few British films this year, or any, to attempt to put together a neo-realistic impression of an actual London community.'
Evening Standard

'In theory, South West Nine promises parochialism.... But writer director Richard Parry, a former documentary film-maker, has his sights set far beyond the Thames...- included are images from Sierra Leone, the 1981 Brixton riots, as well as Parry's own footage of London's 1999 May Day riots...South West Nine is elevated above the majority of youth orientated British movies'
Ryan Gilbey, Sight & Sound, November 2001