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Richard Parry - CREDITS

South West Nine
"Defines the temper of our age as vividly as Derek Jarmen's Jubilee did... A landmark film."

Alexander Walker, Evening Standard.

Shooting Robert King
"Completely blown away by it. It's beautifully put together, and by far the best war doc I have seen."
Nick Broomfield.

Unsolved: 4 million views
"Gripping" "Riveting... could not stop till the end" "amazing, literally hooked/fascinated/obsessed".



South West Nine:

Nominated for a BAFTA
(Best newcomer in a Feature Film, director/writer)
Nominated for 5 BIFFAS, Won 'Best Soundtrack' (incl. 'Best British independent film' & 'Douglas Hickox' for Directing.)

Won Orense International Film Festival. (Best New European director)


Shooting Robert King:

Nominated (2) for Cinema Eye Award

Won Ron Tibbet Award, Memphis Film Festival


2018Miranda Barbour: Serial Killer or Liar?
(60-minute film)
(8x15 min series)
2015Lost in Europe
(Taster for series)
Producer/DirectorBLAST for CH4
(6 part series)
Producer/DirectorShine for CH4
Producer/DirectorShine for CH4
2014Billion Pound Base
(50-minute documentary)
Director/ Camera.Roast Beef for CH4.
2014Putin’s Night Wolves
(Short documentary)
Director/ Camera.Roast Beef for ITN.
2011Dale Farm: The Big Eviction
(50-minute documentary)
Director/Producer& CameraHardcash Productions for BBC 1, Panorama Special
2010/11The Big Gypsy Eviction
(50-minute documentary)
Director/Producer& CameraHardcash Productions for BBC 1
2007-9Shooting Robert King
(80-minute feature-doc)
Director/ Co-Producer& Camera.Frontline Films. Theatrical Release (Trinity) BBC Storyville, DRTV & Various
2005Gypsy Wars: Series
(3x1 hours)
Director/ Producer & CameraBBC2 & BBC3
1999City Stories: Series
(5x30 mins on Bankers)
Director/CameraChannel 4 Television
1998Full Moon Party
(1 hr program: Thailand)
Director/CameraChannel 5 Television
1997Generation E
(1 hr program: E culture)
Director/CameraChannel 5 Television
1995Heartbreak Hotel
(1 hr program: Photo reporter in Bosnia & Chechenya)
Director/CameraDutch TV/ Ireland/ Swiss
1993Bosnian Story 1 & 2
(2x30 min programs: Life on the front line)
Director/CameraChannel 4 Television
1992The Exorcist of Woodgreen
(30 min program: Exorcism)
Director/CameraChannel 4 Television

Feature Films

2013/15BASEWriter/Director, Vertigo Films - (Release in 2017, Content Media)
2010/11A Night In The WoodsWriter/Director, Vertigo Films - (Theatrical release July 2012)
2001South West NineWriter/Director Irish Screen - (Theatrical release October 2001)
1999Through The K-Hole
(15min feature)
Director/Writer. Metrodome Video Distribution

Feature Films (In development)

2016/17AbductDirector/ Writer in development with WME, Underground Films.
2016/17Cry Me A RiverDirector in dev with producer/writer Will Dingli.
2016/17CargoWriter/Director in dev with Vertigo Films and Infinity Studios.
2014/17The JungleProducer/Director with Pulse Films.
2016/17Death of a Base JumperProducer/Director, BBC3.
2016/17FrontlineDirector with Frontline Films and Noah Media Group.

Documentaries (as DOP)

2010Talibanistan(1 hr: Afghanistan/Pakistan)DOPNational Geographic Channel
2007Narco State(1 hr: Heroine in Afghanistan)DOPCNN/ Towers
2005The Case Against Sadam(1 hr: Iraq)DOPDiscovery- Times/ Towers
2003Bearing Witness (Iraq)CameramanA&E

Festival Screenings

Shooting Robert King

Toronto, Britdoc, Sheffield, South By Southwest, True False, Silverdocs, Sarasota, Memphis, Bergan, Trondheim.

South West Nine

Stockholm International, Taoromina International, Norway International, Orense International, Bermuda International, Geneva International, Macedonia International, San Francisco Independent, Sheffield Documentary Festival.

News & Current Affairs (2-10 min items) and Camerawork

Between 1991 And 1997 I worked as a freelance Producer/Cameraman in conflict zones. The bulk was in the former Yugoslavia, where I covered the Croatian, Bosnian and Kosovar war for, in total, about three years. I did stints in the former Soviet Union, primarily Chechenya and Nagorno Karabah but also stories from the Artic circle through to Khabarosk and the Don. In 1994 I covered Haiti and later the Rwandan refugee crisis in Zaire. During these five years I broke news of 2 big massacres in Croatia, Russian dope dealing grannies in Moscow, Siberian oil lakes and Czech child prostitutes amongst others. In 2003, 2005 and then 2007 I was in Iraq making documentaries and then in Afghanistan.


(Before 1990) Low budget dramas/ pop-promos on 16mm and 8mm film. Technician and 16mm tuitor for Oxford Film and Video Makers. Co-directed 'Safe Haven', documentary for the British Refugee Council. At the age of 18, I produced and directed 'Jerome' a 60 min. low budget drama, screened at Edinburgh Fringe Film Festival. Producer/Director 'Red Centre' documentary on Central Australia, screened Edinburgh Festival and selection for the ICA Good Video Guide. And I made super 8mm horror and Sci-Fi movies from 14 years old.


Richard Parry

Sean Gascoine, United Artists